Across all our businesses, we have a dedicated focus on ensuring that we adhere to the following Four tenets of our sustainability agenda:

Better Environment

Bulk of our businesses have a contained impact on the environment. Notwithstanding the nature of our business, we are inextricably linked with the Iron and Steel industry, which is going through a phase of introspection and technological shift to reduce its environmental impact. We wish to do our part by, where possible:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our own business
  • Using more fuel efficient vessels for transport
  • Not supplying any raw materials to coal fired power plants
  • Enhancing our level of environment related scrutiny while dealing with counterparties

Many of these are iterative efforts and we wish to continue to focus on these and make the planet a healthier, safer place to live…

Responsible Sourcing

We maintain a careful focus on our supply chain with an aim to work with counterparties with ethical and judicious environmental practices. This is an integral part of our counterparty due diligence process.

Community Wellbeing

In addition to the direct impact we aim to make through Radiant World Foundations, we continue to carefully evaluate our businesses and our investee companies to ensure that community well being is an imperative in the way they operate. We analyse this regularly through our business reviews, investor and board information rights and calibrate as required.

Health and Safety

Across our businesses and investments, we ensure that our operating practices are carefully designed to ensure a safe and secure working environment; safety first.

Improving the health of our people and with the communities we work with is a key imperative. Our policies and business decisions are geared to enable this. With changing times, we also work with external consultants, using new-age methodologies, to measure well-being of our staff and the communities we operate in.