Radiant World Foundations


Every person has opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential to enjoy life in all its fullness and to help others to do so.

Radiant World Foundations – a philanthropic arm of Radiant World Group of Companies is active in various philanthropic activities in the field of education, health care and improving livelihood of the poor.


Radiant World group of companies have always been involved in charity and philanthropy however a need was felt to carry out these activities in more structured way and accordingly in the year 2019 it was decided to form a charitable organization. Thus RADIANT WORLD FOUNDATIONS was formed and registered with Registrar of Companies, Government of India in Mumbai as a section 8 company.

While scope of activities permitted in the by laws and article of association of the Radiant World Foundations (RWF) is vast the RWF has decided to focus on the following activities:


  1. Helping proper education to children by improving infrastructure as well as delivery system in schools of rural/backward areas.
  2. Helping talented children of poor/low income group in achieving his/her ambition in education or other fields like sports, fine arts etc.
  3. Motivating student to strive hard for excellence through awards, scholarship and distribution of study materials, clothes uniform, etc.
  4. Coordinating with teachers in framing strategies to achieve above objectives of the foundations and also to prevent dropouts.


  1. RWF besides helping community in pandemic, natural disaster and calamities also endeavors to organize health checkup camps.
  2. RWF also supports hospitals and nursing homes.

Project Smile

  1. Helping children from orphanage in fulfilling their wishes to bring happiness and joy to them.
  2. Distribution of pleasantries and daily use items including ration kits to people who are at the lowest level of society and generally remain neglected & uncared.
  3. Occasional distribution of specially cooked food to the needy and poor people.
  4. Adhoc activity to spread happiness among people in distress.

Facilitating proper education to children of rural area by improving delivery system.

Radiant World Foundation has started paying special attention on education to poor/deprived children in tribal area. It was found that most of these children go to Zila Parishad or Government aided schools. These schools face multiple problems like poor infrastructure, shortage of basic amenities i.e. drinking water and toilets. In certain schools there is shortage of teachers. So Radiant World Foundation started upgrading schools infrastructure and first revamped school was dedicated to children and villagers on 26-01-2020.

A school, Bhoyal Pada after renovation

Though COVID -19 has put a brake on class room educational activities and movement of work force had been restricted, RWF could complete renovation of several other schools like Nike Pada, Sheghwe Pada, Ghunghur Pada, Patil Pada etc. however our goal of helping 100 schools could not be achieved. We expect that with receding COVID-19, RWF would accomplish the task in coming months since the situation has improved.

In order to cope with shortage of teaching staff and less focus on math and English we had started extra classes with the help of local resources, (college going students). Nearly 30 children attended these classes.

Helping talented children belonging to poor/low income group in achieving his/her ambition in education or other fields like sports, fine arts etc.

Radiant World Foundations has decided to support school going talented children of rural area by putting them in good public school for their allround development. RWF has earmarked adequate funds for this activity to meet all expenses related to schooling of such selected children of class 4 and 5 up to undergraduate level.

An offshoot of this program is to award scholarship to those good students who could not make it for full sponsorship so that they are encouraged to strive for full sponsorship next year.

Radiant World Foundations has also decided to support talented students from low/poor family in achieving their educational goals under Amrut Diamond Award. A student selected for Amrut Diamond Award are supported for all their educational need and expenses. As an exception Radiant World Foundations has also decided to support students with poor family background irrespective of the fact that they don’t qualify for Amrut Diamond Award.

COVID-19 Assistance

During the corona crisis we diverted our efforts to help and support people facing various problems due to loss of job and deteriorated health condition. To meet exigencies amid shortage of oxygen crisis RWF purchased oxygen concentrator and provided them to several hospitals and patients in different parts of the country viz Balotra, Surat, Vidisha (MP), Sambhalpur (Odisha) and Mumbai.

RWF distributed ration kit to needy families in Mumbai, Aurangabad and Dahanu

We distributed cooked food to migrant workers, poor and needy people on a regular basis in Aurangabad. Every day approximately 170 to 225 people are being fed. The project was started on 6th April 2020 and will be continued till COVID-19 situation improves. RWF had started similar food distribution program in UK also and around 125 food packets were being distributed among needy people every Tuesday.

RWF Assists with Medical Needs

Radiant World Foundations started mobile dispensary to move in certain pockets with problems. A van with Doctor and supporting staff deployed in the service. RWF has also been helping poor in Dialysis in Dahanu. Poor get subsidised or free service in designated hospital with the support of Radiant World Foundations. At present more than 100 people are being supported for their dialysis needs.

Helping Children From Orphanages in Fulfilling Their Wishes

RWF has been distributing ration kits, utility good etc. among support staff on regular basis.

Radiant World Foundations team arranged three day tour for around 275 Children from Aurangabad Bhagwan Baba Balak and Balika Ashram, Aurangabad to Mumbai and enjoyed spending quality time, recreation and enjoyment. These children were imparted with some preaching on good habits and attitude by learned people besides a workshop on dance. They also participated in certain group activities and games.