Family Office

Objectives of Family Office

RW Strategic Investment is the key entity which houses our investments and is the key counterparty to our stakeholders. The key imperatives for the family office include:

  • Wealth preservation through proactive management with proper control exercised by professionals
  • Coordination with the best-in-class advisors to manage wealth
  • In the fast paced world of technology led investing, constantly look for avenues to use technology to enhance our audit, control and returns
  • Steadfast about our policy of no co-mingling of operating business and investment assets
  • Investment decisions made with a long term, value based judgement, irrespective of what short term trends might indicate
  • Diversification across markets and asset classes is a key imperative
  • Dedicated intent to work with financial participants who can work with us on a comprehensive basis, i.e. across both our operating verticals and our investment needs


Flexibility to invest across asset classes ranging from FX, equities, fixed income and commodities. Use of leverage to augment returns all the while being true to our risk management framework.

and Mission

To make investments that consistently generate superior risk-adjusted returns.  Maintain transparency, investment discipline and integrity.

Risk Management

A thorough understanding of the risks for each investment that we make is central to our process. We strive only to make investments that meet our strict risk / reward criteria. This disciplined investment approach is a fundamental part of our firm’s method of managing risk. Key tenets include:

  • Prudent use of leverage, taking into account, market moves contrary to our position
  • Diversification across intermediaries to minimize counterparty risks
  • In addition to daily monitoring of value at risk, monthly risk framework recalibration done to manage portfolio risk