Areas of Expertise

At Radiant, we combine decades of experience across Asia, Europe and Oceania to bring a rigorous approach towards doing business. We manage risks through diversification, careful partner selection and active participation. Our values of integrity, patience and discipline are the key pillars of how we work internally and in collaboration with our partners.

Our business decisions are a patient quest for the right opportunity, and a long term mind-set in creating sustainable revenue streams.


Actively involved in providing end-to-end logistic support and effective inventory management to enable just in time deliveries for a carefully sculpted list of commodity asset classes including iron ore, scrap, & non-ferrous metals.


We endeavor to make investments that consistently generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the short and long-term which we persevere to achieve by observing the highest level of Transparency, Discipline, Integrity and Honesty.

Private Asset Investments

Integrity, patience and discipline, a unique strategy of investing private capital.


To create content across different genres while focusing on the five key elements: entertaining, educational, inspirational, innovative and thoughtful. We aim to use the power of content to make a positive impact on the world and drive sustainable production.


“We make a Living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill: An epithet which aptly describes what we aim to achieve through “Radiant World Foundation” the philanthropic arm of the group.

Diversified Businesses, Distinct Value Proposition and Robust Financial Performance.

Over the years we have diversified into different business verticals while making sure that each business enables sustainable, uncorrelated growth providing sticky revenue stream.

We started our core business in South Asia, and over a decade,  have created an international identity for our group. Our foray into carefully identified verticals is built on the same principles which has enabled our success story over the years.

  • Extensive due diligence
  • Dedicated focus on risk analysis
  • Efficient execution with a focus on sustainable financial metrics

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