Private Asset Investment

Diversification & Legacy with Risk-Adjusted Returns

With an aim to diversify our asset base and an intent to create a legacy, we seek enhanced risk-adjusted returns through a combination of:

  • Flexible time horizons
  • Focus on value buys in illiquid markets
  • Rigorous approach to deployment and valuation across business cycles

We manage risks through diversification, careful partner selection and active participation. Underscored by our values of integrity, patience and discipline.

We invest across the capital structure with a dedicated focus towards:

  • Convertible / Quasi Equity like investments in select industries delivering stable cashflows
  • Minority equity stakes in early stage (Pre Series A / Series A) companies


To invest in equity or quasi equity instruments with or without conversion option, in companies with strong prospects.

Financial Planning

Respond quickly to emerging situations, without compromising a rigorous approach to decision making or the commitment to create deep partner relationships. Core focus on capital preservation hence, clear view on downside protection.


We believe in building strong partnerships. Partners range from established institutions to entrepreneurs and growth companies or funds. We seek out like minded, high integrity partners who bring insight or execution capabilities that complement our strengths. We have a collaborative, long term relationship mindset and we are proud that many of our relationships extend across multiple investments and markets.


While we shall be open to various geographies, initially deals should be sourced in the following geographies: South Asia, South East Asia (key focus on Malaysia, Indonesia) OR Countries where we have dependable partners.