About Us

A Leader in the Industry

Launched in the early 2000’s by the Group’s founder, Mr Nahar, the commodity trading activity has ever since steadily grown and expanded from outside India, its initial home base.

It is today fully consolidated under the Radiant World Group Hong-Kong Company Limited holding as one of the verticals forming part of the Radiant World Group of Companies.

Royalline Trading Pte ltd, its flagship, Rawsteel Minmetal Pte ltd and Radiant World Commodities SA are the three main operating companies. Trades are directed to either of the three companies depending on the origin, destination of the product(s), or the business structure.

The commodity trading activity is serviced by skilled and experienced teams located in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. Created for the purpose of effectively managing various time zones in the conduct of our day-to-day business our Dubai branch hosts the support functions.

Our Value Add

Radiant creates value by acting as a link between the largest mining companies or commodities merchants of the world and the biggest steel mills of China to which we procure, on top of their long-term contracts, “the” spot cargo, delivered just in time, at the right place and precisely meeting the required quality specifications. This achievement owes a lot to our strong presence in the main regions and ports of China, close to our main clients.

We pride ourselves on “moving” annually more than 20 million tons of Iron Ore.

Performing impeccable services, Radiant has gained recognition from peers and clients being awarded “top 20 Global Iron Ore suppliers – 2021” and “top 10 clients, platinum status – 2020” by Mysteel and Global Ore respectively, two online platforms for commodities in China.

Besides, the trading division is now progressively expanding into the fields of non-ferrous refined metals and Cobalt. This diversification is cautiously rolled out in strict obedience to the key principles and values of our Group.

Our Geographical Presence